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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Brain Food For You're Head

Just like the fighting master jet li, I found my fighting style Tai Chi. because it is fluid like me. The spirits of the ages have engulfed me. Gave me sight, forced me to look through the trees. Dead but not in the sea, I came across the ocean, of emotion, from far away rubbing it in like lotion. Reappeared, disappeared just like David Blain, the institute of the insane, inside my brain. Take a look at yourself, in yourself, because I'm sold on the mojo. Coming across like a mad poet, the apostle of prophet, the institute, the apparent genocide of my eye. Operating underground, I found my source to hear the sound. My feet sway across the roads of time, worn out, scrapped up, from following the signs. Evolution is the flower that spreads in your head, like butter, and jam on biscuits and bread. My brain feels like lead, I need some food for my head. Did you hear what they said? Modified enhanced, my brain at a glance, just, give me the chance. Words start to flow like a river through a meadow. Not an inbred, but a hybrid. Words are lead. The future is dread, bleak, not to seek what is written, without fear. From your eyes come tears. From your mouth, to around your ears. Hear the whisper, as you feel chipper. Their negativity spreads to you, because they want you to feel as they do. Just look around, all you see are clowns, impostors of life, importers of wife's. See them as they are, greedy self-centered living in a jar. They buy new cars. They meet all the stars. On the backs of ours, time heals all scars.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Atoms Collide

I'm ready to bring the world to it's knees, I'm ready for the universe to bleed. Climbing up the mountain of uncertainty, believing the past will last. The stars have falling, shattered like glass. It's time to throw it all together, buckle under the pressure like leather, a snake in the grass, it hits you in the a$$. Across the voyages of the sea, screaming to the trees. Atoms explode they collide, invisible to the naked eye. As fast as a flash, Bringing it back from the past, the unspoken cast, end of history at last.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Giving in to Existence

Time is a paradox, I have another message to send. it all starts from the end, and begins again. It is time to understand, what the lessons have planned. Unknowing future set, but you have not lived it yet. Over and over again, seeking the closer, you can not find, the memories they swim around, deep inside your mind. Existing in the past, living in the present, looking to the future, giving in to existence. Looking through the grass, the present it outlast. Living in a paradox, that is your thoughts, coming closer to enlightenment, breaking the glass, that smacks you in your ass. It all comes undone, and that ruins all the fun.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

we are one

Constantly evolving. We have no face. Like the borg, we are one. exist as a collective. against the occupation Of the brain, Spin your thoughts like a weather vain. From the depths of space we are the race, that will continue. Smaller to the weight that crushes the inside of you. Falling down forward, to the ground, and above you? From inner core delights, to your high-rise lights. You will come down, and we are waiting for you on the ground. Don't try to run, don't go run and hide. You will never find peace, into you exit the beast.

Wasted Text Wasted Breath

Read This!! Are you ahead in your life? Do you want to go farther? Do you want to meet hot alien babes thousands of light years away? Do you want to re collaborate your reality? Do you want to stop all of your addictions? Do you have the time? Well if you can say yes to any one of these questions then you can change your life for the fraction of the cost it would take to eat a meal at mcdonalds for 25 years. Hell you could travel to the moon and back, and play with the monsters that dwell inside your head, and swim in your subconscious of the everlasting light that is surrounded with the darkness that is the void in the heart that pumps the soiled bucket of dirt across the land in the foreshadow of the doubt that is not recognized by what you have said, or done in the past. Can you feel the force of the energy that is under varied by the way the horizontal comes to the section of the fork in the road where the turn of truth, and lies come into contact with everything, and has an adverse affect on every life that stands out ahead then gets swept behind in the ground of alternative delight. 

Millennium Traveler

I have traveled many places near and far. Sometimes not even moving one inch. Exploring the boundaries of infinity. Reaching the climax in my synaptic memory. I have been for billions of a second. I have been here for billions of eternity. Traveling at the speed of light. Through this never ending universe. A life a second and a second a life. There is another card in the deck of evolution that has not been dealt yet in the hand of ignorance. Life is but a circle death is the beginning of life and life completes the circle. The keys to the past will unlock the doors to the future. Have you found your keys?

Thought Apocalypse

I can't concentrate, my head is not straight.  I need to migrate, coming from the void into outer space.  I need to create my ongoing fate.  Thought apocalypse erodes my mind.  There is never enough time.  To congratulate, no time to hesitate.  Everything is twisted, constricted, contorted, imploded, exploded.   I want to go back in time.  I want to see space.   I don't want to be part of this race.      


I'm a scientist I study knowledge, This awaking is upon us. Known only sleep now your eye's are open. Information spit on you and your chokin. Can you stand it? Is it clear? Up from the hemisphere. Then back down to here. Words sink into your flesh, No need to fear death, Knock you in the chest. "A powerful blow" Falling faster down below, into your hole. Not a cult, not a religion, but a certain kind of thinkin. Puzzle and scramble your brain, all of you are insane. Take my cane hold me up from the pain. That I feel when looking around, to the ground, all around. You call me a hippy but you are wrong you will now fear the word when you hear chønged! Just look at the monster you created. Society made me I'm regenerated. Not a clone, not a drone, but a cell that is prone. To multiply and divide. To knock you down with the info that I supply. Addicting like a drug, but harmless, like giving a hug. Who are you to judge? The way of life for many and everyone above? Take my word it is strong hope you have a good day, and I hope you get chønged!