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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I'm a scientist I study knowledge, This awaking is upon us. Known only sleep now your eye's are open. Information spit on you and your chokin. Can you stand it? Is it clear? Up from the hemisphere. Then back down to here. Words sink into your flesh, No need to fear death, Knock you in the chest. "A powerful blow" Falling faster down below, into your hole. Not a cult, not a religion, but a certain kind of thinkin. Puzzle and scramble your brain, all of you are insane. Take my cane hold me up from the pain. That I feel when looking around, to the ground, all around. You call me a hippy but you are wrong you will now fear the word when you hear chønged! Just look at the monster you created. Society made me I'm regenerated. Not a clone, not a drone, but a cell that is prone. To multiply and divide. To knock you down with the info that I supply. Addicting like a drug, but harmless, like giving a hug. Who are you to judge? The way of life for many and everyone above? Take my word it is strong hope you have a good day, and I hope you get chønged! 

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