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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wasted Text Wasted Breath

Read This!! Are you ahead in your life? Do you want to go farther? Do you want to meet hot alien babes thousands of light years away? Do you want to re collaborate your reality? Do you want to stop all of your addictions? Do you have the time? Well if you can say yes to any one of these questions then you can change your life for the fraction of the cost it would take to eat a meal at mcdonalds for 25 years. Hell you could travel to the moon and back, and play with the monsters that dwell inside your head, and swim in your subconscious of the everlasting light that is surrounded with the darkness that is the void in the heart that pumps the soiled bucket of dirt across the land in the foreshadow of the doubt that is not recognized by what you have said, or done in the past. Can you feel the force of the energy that is under varied by the way the horizontal comes to the section of the fork in the road where the turn of truth, and lies come into contact with everything, and has an adverse affect on every life that stands out ahead then gets swept behind in the ground of alternative delight. 

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